Sunday, January 19, 2014

Status Update 1/19/14

So it has been about a month since I've posted anything and well I don't think anyone cares that bad but for those who do here's an explanation and a status update. First I took a break off for the holidays because I could and the after the first of the year ran into a minor writers block when trying to compose my thoughts on Paradise Kiss. Then some events happened in my personal life that I'm still dealing with that trigger my lovely friend,depression.

So while dealing with aforementioned problems,I've been re-visiting the Metroid series.Since I'm a giant nerd I decided to also check out the various Metroid manga and comic projects. It's interesting to see the various takes on Samus that different authors have had.So because apparently people still read this blog, I'm going to talk about the different Metroid comic/manga adaptions.This isn't going to be like my ill-fated Jojo month...hopefully as I've read most of the books I'll be talking about. I will be breaking my own flimsy rule and look at works that I am unable to complete,it will not happen again.

In some semblance of order the books on the chopping block are:

Super Metroid  (Nintendo Power)

Metroid Prime 2:Episode of Aether 

Samus and Joey

Metroid(keeping it simple,I guess)

Metroid Strategy manga and a few short pieces

Since I haven't really written that much this last month the various posts for the manga/comics will show up sporadically through the following few weeks so come back daily for updates and/or disappointment .

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