Monday, May 13, 2013

Little Miss Thinker:Journalism

I figure that this being my blog I can do more than just review things no one cares about so that's why I'm going to post random crap I think about,sometimes silly,other times serious and on occasion something coherent.
The following is just random musings and not meant as an attack against journalism or any one writer, I'm no where near knowledgeable to do that.

I read an old article about Chubby Checker eating at Penn Station and the gentleman who wrote looked older.All I could think about was:is that where he wanted to be in life? Writing about celebrities eating cheese steak. Did others who write articles akin to this for papers and tabloids set out to do this. Did they pursue this career to ship/gossip about various famous people or were they hoping to break the next Watergate scandal.If it's the latter then what set them upon this path of seemingly broken dreams? Was it failure to suck up to the right person,did they just plain whomp at writing or something else. I feel sad for them,to have to write about a Kardashin instead of a Bin Laden. To be stuck there writing this tripe when they know there are more important things in the world.That to me would be hell.Can you really live with yourself after you've published an article about Hillary Clinton dancing with a woman while Bill Clinton dies of cancer.

Though maybe they did set out to do this and it makes them happy.Are they content with this because they get to do what most people love to do,gossip, and get paid for it.Perhaps it's just making the best out of a bad situation.I mean sports writers tend to set out to do sports so it follows that thees people do the same for celebrities, Maybe their in denial and hide behind a facade of laughs and colorful language.Do they bleed?probably.

Insight into this topic from you  is more than welcome.I'll see you Wednesday for a new review      

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