Monday, May 20, 2013

Little Miss Thinker:Shipping Disasters

Just as a heads up this post contains Berserk minor spoilers for the Golden Age arc.

Shipping for the uninitiated is the act of rooting for a fictional relationship to happen.Shipping can get pretty brutal at times. It can also be dang hilarious when people start shipping hats with tables. I'm no stranger to doing it my self and tend too not take it to seriously. However there are two exceptions:First is Yukiko/Chie from Persona 4 which is one I support  because of it's obviousness and cuteness. The second one is Griffith/Casca which I truly despise and why I made this piece.

It just doesn't work for so many reasons. First Griffith does not feel that way and probably will never feel that way about Casaka. This is because he really can't see people as anything more than tools to be used.Second Casaka is aware of the first point and stops her pursuit of him once she does because it'll end in heartbreak for her no matter what. She eventually realizes it's nothing more than hero worship and pursues the relationship with Guts because he can understand her and she can trust him to have her back. Something Griffith would only do if it benefited his dream. So it just doesn't work for me and if later events which I'm about to discuss didn't happen I'd be pretty ok about the paring. After all I still ship Axel/Roxas so who am I to knock Griffith/Casca.

 That being said it's the fact that Griffith rapes Casca that sends me into a foaming fury at this pairing. The rape it self is nothing that could be construed as love and is ungodly insulting to do so.Some have even said that Casca enjoyed her rape that completely destroyed her and reduced her to the mental age of two.I'm normally not a violent person or even that big a defender of Gut/Casca but good lord do these people make me want to hurt them.This notion careens right past nasty into what the hell is wrong with you territory. To top it off Griffith shows no remorse for what he did and just goes on doing what he want's for the sake of his dream. So seriously fuck these people,I hope you stay in the minority from now to the end of time.

Sorry for that little outburst but this is one things that I''m insulted by as a Berserk fangirl and as a human being.I'm not saying you can't ship Griffith and Casca and if you can find a way to make it work that's not despicable then by all means go ahead.
So until next time try and Stay Positive, because I'm having a hard time myself.  

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