Monday, May 27, 2013

Housekeeping Hijinks

Decided I'd do one of one of those fancy updates and let people know how the next month or so is going to play out.

Despite being a woman,I do tend to enjoy Shonen on occasion and most of the Shonen works featured on here  have been mildly ok and nothing to get worked up about.Well I feel like getting worked up and as the the temperature gets hotter,my blood follows suit.It only seems right to to talk about a series that has blood hot enough to boil noodles.I am of course talking about Princess Tutu...just kidding I'm talking about Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Jojo is one one those old school series that many other series have taken inspiration from.Though it started out drawing from the also influential Fist of the North Star. It follows the long history of the Jostar family and their very odd lives usually intertwined around a man named Dio and later his followers. It also has enough western music references that describing this series to other people is hilarious. It's really fun to be able to say that Lisa Lisa was tricked by Cars or that Dio's right hand man is Vanilla Ice. Ok enough about subjects you can read about on Wikipedia,let's move on.

I'll admit that while I am a Jojo devotee I have not read past part 4 so I really can't comment on the later part of the series(maybe next year). This month will be covering the various anime products that Jojo has  received over the years. However I'm going to kick it off in a couple of weeks with an Arc words on the Phantom Blood section of the manga.After that we'll take a look at the Stardust Crusader OVAs and then talk about the game based on the same arc.We'll finish out the month on a high note with the most recent anime adaption. Before I get ahead of myself this week we'll be tackling Tompopo,a Ramen Western and then cooling my blood with Mistress Fortune.

Here's a list for people who hate paragraphs

May 29th:Tompopo
June 5th: Phantom Blood

June12th: Startdust Crusaders OVAs

June19th: Stardust Crusaders(SNES)

June 26th:Jojo's Bizarre Adventure(2012)

July 3rd:Mistress Fortune

That is all I  have for you today so for those who acknowledge it have a good Memorial day and a happy Monday to the rest of you. 

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